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2010-05-25 13:34:30
Home Warranties for Colorado Homebuyers & Sellers

Home warranty policies reduce risks for Denver Area home buyers, home sellers and agents

If you are considering buying or selling a home in the Denver area, home warranty programs are available to protect against unexpected costs when home systems or appliances break down.  For a reasonable home warranty policy premium and service deductible, a home seller or new home owner can protect themselves from repair costs of hundreds or thousands of dollars should a furnace, refrigerator, or water line break, for example.

Benefits to Home Sellers:

A home that is offered with a home warranty is distinguished from others on the market that do not include a home warranty.  The home may be more likely to sell faster and closer to the asking price than a home that doesn't offer the protections of a good home warranty.  For older homes, a home warranty may cover repair or replacement of older home systems in the event of system failure, saving the home seller time, hassles, and frustration of downward pressure on selling price should a home system fail the home buyer's home inspection.  With a home warranty in place at the time of listing, the home seller knows they have a safety net to protect them from putting extra money into a home they are looking to sell.  Additionally, home warranties included with the sale of the property to the buyer may also protect the home seller in the event a problem occurs after the sale is closed that may ordinarily result in arbitration or a lawsuit over the responsibility for the cost of repairs for an undisclosed or undiscovered defect.

Benefits to Home Buyers:

While a home warranty cannot prevent home system breakdowns, a new home owner may get additional peace of mind when buying a home that includes a home warranty policy.    Home warranty contracts generally cover many of the mechanical systems in the home and may elimante unforeseen repair or replacement costs of those systems.  Some warranties will also cover improper installation or items that are no longer compliant with newer building code regulations.  Often times lenders and appraisers look upon a home warranty plan as a plus when evaluating a home because they know that the buyer will not have to absorb the full cost of repairing unforeseen mechanical problems after moving into the home.  Buyers can request a home warranty to cover the home prior to closing the sale to make sure undetected system failures don't become an unwanted surprise after closing.

Not all home warranties are the same.  Make sure to know the differences in costs, coverage and inclusions/exclusions.

Click here to learn more about First American Home Warranty programs

Click here to learn more about Blue Ribbon Home Warranty programs

Bryan Messick and The Segue Home Team offer a Free First American Home Warranty Protection plan to our clients during the listing period as part of our 24-Step Move Smoothly Marketing plan.  For more information, call Bryan Messick at 303-378-7677.

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